About ZXTH

ZXTH is a side-chain, relay matching node network for asset settlement and trading matching based on Ethereum. Under the premise of maintain complete decentralized, side-chain computing is a very important method to save gas, reduce the pressure of ETH main chain to perform ETH asset settlement, trading and build global trading pool.

Under complete decentralization, settlement provides multiple types of settlement services.

Self-management of user assets, multiple businesses, global sharing of order pool.

DAPP has all the autonomous rights, such as the right to use network resources, add assets, set fee currency, and so on.

Support the docking of DAPP parties involved in settlement business in any application field without any authorization or restriction.


Search Engine

Our database contains over 200K suppliers, buyers and service providers. Locations of suppliers are verified by “crowd verification“ mechanism. Searching can be done using product name, company name, location, content of posts.

Machine Learning Based Matching System

We train our system with profiles of suppliers, buyers and service providers. We also use ”ZXTH” in order to find the best match between these stakeholders.

Utility Token: ZXTH (ZXTH Token)

Node providers staking ZXTH and getting rewards for participating in transaction confirmations. ZXTH will also be used as rewards in order to reduce the cost of networking. It will also be used to purchase premium services of our platform at a discounted price.

Encrypted Instant Messenger

To improve communication in international trade and to protect confidential information, we have developed this tool in our app.

Smart Contract Based Order Management

Purchasing process between buyers and suppliers will be traced using smart contracts. This allows us to evaluate performance of suppliers during order execution.

ZXTH: Trust Index Of Suppliers

Using qualitative data gathered from the application later (ranking of suppliers, crowd verification...) and qualitative data or all orders (smart contracts) our algorithm creates the trust index of suppliers based on their performance.

How it works

Build blockchain algotrading models
Connect with others blockchain mod.
Target your goal to reach out.
Protect your blockchain models.
Make transaction easy and with a less fee.

Introducing ZXTH Usercenter

First of we release our major update with usercenter design which is most important part of Token management. It allows to manage whole process of tokens.

Safe & Secure Transactions
Encrypted and Kept Private
Multiple Payment Gateway

ZXTH Crypto
Token Economics

21,000,000 ZXTH Total Token supply
3,500,000 ZXTH Company ( Lock 3 Years )
1,500,000 ZXTH Developer Wallet ( Lock 3 Years )
3,000,000 ZXTH Tokens for Airdrop ( No Lock )
11,000,000 ZXTH ICO Sale ( Succes Distribution )
2,000,000 ZXTH ADVERTISE ( No Lock )


Harits Zhey
  • Lead Developer and Founder
    5+ years of experience in startup leadership, expert in the field of programmers
    Chase Afreid
  • Lead Developer and Marketing Manager
    10+ years of software development MSc in computer science PhD in computer science in progress
    Brandon Young
  • CMO and Web Developer
    14+ years of experience in global level growth hacking, digital marketing & startups. Msc in Economics, Aalto University


    Below we’ve provided a bit of ZXTH Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch via email.

    ZXTH Ethernet side chain settlement relay network We will promote the landing of ethereum DAPP as an important infrastructure,Global Shared order pool, covering exchange exchange, leverage, all kinds of defi business, and all kinds of data matching business.

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