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On air since 2019, the Pumps & Systems Podcast provides bi-monthly interviews with Managing Editor Drew Champlin and top experts from industry-leading companies spanning topics across multiple applications. Tune in to hear Cody Bann, director of engineering at WIN-911, discuss how to safeguard water and wastewater facilities from cyberattacks. Or listen to Charles Graves of Hydro Parts Solutions talk about aftermarket considerations and 3-D printing. Or join to hear Adam Slade of John Crane give the lowdown on NSF 61.

Plus, each month the Pumps & Systems editors host an episode to give an exclusive look into the latest issue of the magazine and discuss their favorite articles as well as new sections and features to look out for.



Meet the Host

Drew Champlin Drew Champlin is the managing editor of Pumps & Systems. A veteran journalist of more than two decades, he has been with P&S since 2017 and has produced the Pumps & Systems podcast since 2019. For more information regarding podcasts, contact him at dchamplin@cahabamedia.com. Or keep up with him on LinkedIn or Twitter.